The price? She did not know the price of this expensive item. What should she do? She was new to the job of selling expensive pieces of jewelry and costlyRead more

After large public interest in Ruth’s “Possee” IIT decided to look closer into this question, and after having interviewed numerous claimed members of this family,  we decided to actually talk to Ruth herself, her side of the story sorely lacking from out last “hot take”, then being on Ruth’s family.

Lander, April 12, 2019: Last Sunday the following surprise meeting announcement was made, concerning the housing situation next year for Wyoming Catholic College students. As the school announcement states: WeRead more

The latest metal legend has arisen at WCC. Fresh out of a week in the Utah deserts, Raymond Engles has now become: RAGEMOND ANGERS or Iramond Irae in his favoredRead more

Irkutsk Ice Truckers is proud to announce a new hair growing service launching May 2019. Test trials have been highly successful as illustrated on a “Fellow-Freshman-Rocker” above. But we’re moreRead more

We’re pleased to announce that our favorite charity here at WCC, the Cult of Tree of Life, has just launched its new website. See it here or simply go toRead more

Cyril (right) and an undisclosed relative Few details available yet bu the professor is back, Professor Cyril Patton has returned to collect the prime matter,  substantial forms, and accidents heRead more

Announcing “Avalanche – 3 Days of Freezing” Continuing  the adventures of the freshmen rockers, Avalanche this time focuses six months after the terrors of the Tetons when the freshmen class,Read more

Image reportedly from this “event” Lander, WY Reports are new emerging about a raucous party last Monday at the hotel dorms. Upwards of twenty students reportedly attended, with loud noises,Read more

Anselm Terreri – His room is apparently haunted by William’s ghost For those who have not yet heard the tragic/epic WCCLE 5 story, see our post here, but lo and beholdRead more

“He wasn’t the hero Lander needed, he was the hero Lander deserved.” But no more, for the man has been unmasked. During a recent press conference, BatSam, now known byRead more

Apparently someone from the IIT team itself Received clandestinely by us last week was this cryptic message concerning the Wyoming IRA’s (WIRA’s) involvement in last weeks St. John’s bombing: AsRead more

How often do we run off to Frassati after classes in an angered rush to get onto a Mass shuttle? If you aren’t one of the few school drivers –Read more

In a new regular section on Irkutsk Ice Truckers we’ll feature flashback articles of famous events from our world from the dark ages of before we existed. today’s goes backRead more

I am going to keep this brief. I really do not want to be that person, but it is something that I have observed recently, and it is becoming aRead more

Announcing our new social media heavy metal replacement for your Google+, Facebook, etc. etc. accounts. FaceTruck by IIT – Keep up with your metalhead friends, prospects, propositions and news. RegisterRead more

Everett Polinski and new IIT associate mathematician Aretari Polinski announce their latest discovery today. Through an infinite progression of right triangles and related manipulations, Aretari excitedly declares today that heRead more

Professor Patton (center) teaching two patients Did you know that I.I.T. has a scientific research division? Well, if you didn’t, keep reading. Our very own Professor Cyril Patton has madeRead more

World renowned religious leader Andrew R. is now an IIT affiliate with his organization, Tree of Life. He now offers free dating advice along with his religious work and isRead more

It began at TAC and is now spreading here. The world renowned charity How to Shut Down Tangents (HSDT) has begun operating at WCC. Sponsored by Irkutsk Ice Truckers, HSDTRead more

Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now the official sponsor of the WCC Class of 2022 Freshman Dance. Mark you calendars February 2 for a cowboys, aliens, and gangsters themed extravaganza. IITRead more

Part 1 of Tetonic Blast our new video series, is now available. Only available on Watch today to discover the true story of WCCLE V, the new epic drama ofRead more

Announcing our newest offering specifically for WCC students, the MASS PASS! Ever had trouble trying to find a seat on the Mass shuttles after a busy morning of classes? Well,Read more

As we all know, Jacob of the Bible book Genesis is like Agamoranan. Agamoran and Akillyvus get in some big fight over Akillyus’ slave and Akillyus, who I may alsoRead more

One of our extremely pleased customers is now operational and our business now has a theme song. We are still in the process of selecting our world-class board of directorsRead more

IIT reporters interview Mikolaj Zagorski after they both are involved in an ice-induced incident while studying at W.C.C. Comment below about who is to blame.

In his first exclusive interview since leading his fellow students from WCCLE 5 back from the brink of death, Mikolaj Zagorski now shares the real story, what really happened inRead more