Artists conception of the tower at completion

Lander, WY – Local Lander businessman and Chief Financial Officer of Wyoming Catholic College, Paul McCown announced plans today for his largest project yet, the first skyscraper not only for Lander but for Wyoming as a whole as well as potentially even the tallest in the world. In a live-streamed broadcast viewed by IIT’s journalists today, McCown described what will be called the McCown International Hotel and Tower as something which will be “the epitome of modern engineering” when it opens in 2025. 270 stories and 2,800 feet tall, it “will likely be the tallest structure in the world when complete, housing a 2,400 room hotel, more office space than Wyoming as a whole currently has, as well as room for dozens, or even hundreds of shops and businesses. 

Although local zoning codes currently prohibit structures taller than a hundred feet within downtown Lander, special permission is being given from the city of Lander, which donated land for the base of the project which will span four city blocks at its base near 5th and Lincoln Streets. Additional support and encouragement is coming from the state government and the Wyoming Small-Business Dvelopment Council (WSBDC) which sees the project as a major boon to Lander “on all sorts of levels.”

The cost for constructing the structure is expected to be absolutely massive, but with a plan for construction to use local materials and the labor and expertise of students at Wyoming Catholic College, McCown thinks the entire tower can be built at a fraction of the cost of the current world record holder, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. “WCC is also expected to be a major investor in the project, and they’ll reap the rewards of their investment ten-fold with increased sales at Crux Coffee and Dolce,” he added.