Seriously » Debunking the Fear Mongerers

This amazing video, first shared with us by an Idaho WCC junior (thank you!) methodically, carefully, and astoundingly debunks the fear mongerer, panic seeking narrative. But it did so too well, because the agents of doom, the enemies of America, took it down. It’s back up here, but since it’s again being hosted by YouTube, which had just taken down the original, we’re sharing it with you locally hosted to make sure this message continues to get out.

The Lockdowns are unnecessary, dangerous, and perhaps even counter-productive to their stated purpose. Thank you Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi!

Cutting through the confusion they wonderfully explain the situation, how our immune systems work, the effects of lock downs, the true death rates from the Wuhan coronavirus, and how it compares with the regular flu.

Part I

Part II

Part II of their news conference is still on YouTube with 1.7 million+ views but is liable to be removed at any time.