The last chart, with Johannes’ name conspicuously missing

Amidst recently arising fears that he might be planning to leave WCC, the absence of Johannes’ name from the last All School Seminar Section Chart (a.k.a. Master Couple Chart) was purposeful, someone within WCC administration revealed today, and I believe this points to and reveals larger threats to Lander (and possibly the world). Most observers have maintained that the absence was merely accidental, but according to my source (credible in the past as he predicted the forest fire attack on WCCLE 2 this year, as well as Crux’s becoming a bar before it was announced to the public)  “there is rather a deep plan among certain individuals to remove him, dropping his name being but a passive-aggressive attempt to speed up the process by making him feel unwelcome” Who these people particularly are remains unknown, but with the goal uncovered, my source questions why this wasn’t more obvious months ago when his name was first noticed to be missing: “We knew something was up with him, of course, with all these fears and seeming signaling from him that he did intend to leave. But shouldn’t somebody have noticed sooner the absurdity of him actually wanting to do that?”


With this revelation, however, its obvious that someone has something in for Johannes, and as with the departure of Cyril and Destiny under mysterious circumstances, it’s again probably because he proverbially “knows too much”. More reclusive than average, and on the quieter side, Johannes could yet pose a threat to some of the criminal operations in and around Lander. Most don’t know about how penetrative and commonplace these are but as WCC Security Chief Andrew Matthews recently reminded in a speech to the Lander City Council in early December, “they’re everywhere, in NOLS, in the casino, even in WCC”, and also imitating privately to some members of the council he trusted that various gangs had operatives within the city government.

Though apparently quite neutral to WCC’s existence, they, as they did with Cyril and Destiny, will strike out to eliminate any threat, anyone who might have revealing information on their members and operations. What keeps these “threat eliminations” as they might call them out of the public eye, however, is the insidiousness of them, how quiet pressure is used to slowly (or sometimes under the appearance of an accident) make someone they fear leave or move away before they connect the dots to reveal what they know. 

Johannes might not even know what he knows that makes him a threat to them. Perhaps its something small, something out of place he saw in a dorm one night, something he alone noticed, or perhaps something with his ancestry in German nobility and knowledge of German that might make him a risk still in potency to understanding some gang communication no one else would get.

 But going back to the fact of his name missing, this is all undeniable that someone wants him out in particular and has slowly been trying to make him feel uncomfortable here. For considering the carefulness with which the WCC Student Life Office master plans what people now simply now call the “Master Couple Chart” for each All-School-Seminar, it’s impossible that someone could have just forgotten to add him. “As seen from simple inspection of this chart, with one person, like Johannes, missing from it, the whole order is thrown off,” says Dr. Pakos Pakodopoulous, an IIT advisor. “Someone could have been lazy, but that just doesn’t make sense.

Someone discovered the error and found a section to put him in a mere hour before the seminar began, but it appears that part of the desired effect was achieved. “He felt excluded and not as part of the community as a whole,” sophomore Matthew White comments. “He’s still here, luckily, but a hard day, a modified grade, a key-card de-activated, any number of incidents could yet ‘happen’ and push him, like anyone else in the situation over the edge and into wanting to leave as they’re not feeling welcomed.”

Sophia Donaldson, as a WCC junior, is quite concerned over issues like this that might involve individuals and the “community as a whole”. As she’s from his sister dorm, she also knows him quite well enough to know that he wouldn’t want to leave WCC unless under some severe compulsion. “This incident is just the tip of the metaphorical iceberg,” she said in an online interview today with IIT staff members. “He loves it here and I knew something was up when the recent rumors started coming of him getting more apathetic. As we found out today, one of those causes was purposeful, and I wish I had realized that was the cause of all this sooner.”

For this she’s calling for WCC Security to investigate who could possibly have removed his name from the chart, and who, more importantly, made them do so, something she thinks is key to uncovering some of the “plants” within Wyoming Catholic itself.

Just like so many others whom we fear have similarly been forced out or pressured mentally to do so, our knowing and publishing, for that matter, all this, is a big risk. I want to thank IIT for the courage to let this be published, knowing that they are endangering their entire operation, and possibly even their lives (considering the attacks on WCCLE 5 in 2018 and WCCLE 2 last year).

But the truth must get out. Someone must resist the terrors of what I again believe to be several semi-cooperating and semi-competing criminal operations in and around Lander. And it needs to happen before we’re all deemed “threats” and removed, or worse…

A Concerned Sophomore