So with any big organization, there has to be an even bigger, or properly speaking, an absolutely massive conspiracy about it. Wyoming Catholic College is no exception so on this page we’re going to throw around a few hints about what really is going on around WCC and around Lander. Talk to our staff to hear more, but for now, here are things and questions that you as a concerned citizen, student, or something, should know or be asking.

A professor at WCC previously worked at NASA and the NSA

The “Sinks” and the “Rise” of ,Sinks Canyon, according to Dr. Jeb Klandite, an IIT consultant, can’t actually exist as they do with water taking two hours to go half of a mile. In other words, the water is being diverted somewhere.

Technological problems with phones and the internet over the past semester have kept students from contact with the outside world.

Someone is hiding copies of the Thomas Aquinas College newsletter around campus

This year’s seniors anecdotally report that the past two years here at WCC have been the weirdest they’ve seen.

In addition to their weekly official meetings, prefects also have numerous other secret meetings, as several witnesses have attested.

The attached catering business gets students and school employees quite close to famous/public figures.

Why is bike theft such a big problem in Lander? It’s not like anyone really could ride a bike most of the year around town. So why do criminals still steal them?

Why is Pako still at WCC? He’s been here since 2014 officially, but several Landerites report he’s actually been around as a student since the school’s very first year.

Why does the catering van have bulletproof, barred windows?

Why does almost every WCCLE report seeing UFOs on the COR expedition? And what are they really?

Why was a Broadway play made about the otherwise small and unknown Catholic liberal arts college?

Why has the safe in the Baldwin Library never been moved? Further, why does no one talk about what’s inside?

Why are students being so subconsciously conditioned to climb into white vans?

Why is the Forge so suddenly closing?

Why are students in Leo’s so pyrotechnically inclined?

Why do students still buy coffee from Crux when they can get for free from Frassati?

Why do we have something that some have described as paramilitary, the Outdoor Leadership Program, as part of the curriculum?

Why does a group of the same students always play “conquer the world” board games in the Frassati lounge?

What is in the ever-mysterious Baldwin basement? – that which the school disclaimed knowledge of until this year when evidence finally mounted for its existence

How does the Methodist Thrift Shop stay in business? Is someone secretly funding them?

What’s with the trapdoors and seemingly filled-in doorways in Baldwin? Where do they lead?

What caused the mysterious fire last year up next to the dorms?

Why did someone attempt to steal Dr. Zimmer’s lawn last year?

and there is more, lots more…

It all makes us wonder!