Photo: Anthony Jones

Ice Trucking is our specialty but IIT does a lot more – a whole whopping lot more! Since our October 2018 founding, we’ve diversified our businesses a lot and can meet many of your needs with the same metallic smile, heart, and beat, Though our offerings seem endless, they’re unified under one broad and all-encompassing simple perfection, the aim of being the “bravest metal there is”

Here are our primary businesses (besides ice-trucking of course):

Sourcing Engineering by Irkutsk Ice Truckers is our new shopping service with the world’s largest selection (pretty much anything in the world that can be picked up and moved)

Irkutsk Ice Care offers experimental health care treatments to anyone, even without any insurance. Based on the world-famous “Timmy-treatment” we’re proud to bring the latest medical research of acclaimed Dr. Zagorski and Professor Patton into practice.

LTIGA Expert Ping Pong Tables – Developed by professional Ping-Pong players Anselm “Anslam” and Mik LTIGA Expert Ping Pong tables are rated as the “best buy of the year” (Consumer Fads 2018) and “world’s biggest piece of work” (LanderTimes). Buy one today!

Irkutsk Ice and Metal Mining – The wealth of space; the stars literally brought to you. Industrial raw materials, precious metals, commodities and rocks, brought to you. Now from May 2020.

Ice Truck Yourself – It’s sort of part of Irkutsk Ice Trucking, our primary and first business, but it is different by some subsisting accidents so I felt alright putting it here. Now you can ship more than just things by ice-truck though. You can ship you! Experience what our freight experiences. Travel by ice-truck to the beat of Ice-Truck Yourself!

Irkutsk Ice Weddings – Make your wedding even better than metal. Plan yours today with Irkutsk Ice efficiency!

We’re also proud of our friend Scott Dickerson and his Tom Swift Remimagined series that has inspired much of our author’s creativity. Find his work, along with some weirder stuff at