You’ve to admit. There are strange goings-on in this world right now. And its not just now, those strange things have been happening a long time and there’s a very sophisticated set of organizations behind them.

Very sophisticated, and they’re not acting in your best interests.

That’s why IIT has gone into the spy business. The only private organization, other than the syndicates, cabals, and threats we’re fighting with government level technology, IIT is here, gathering information, for you, for America, for the good of the community as a whole. Since _____ (we did redact the year dontcha know), when Everett saw the need for such an organization to cut through the corruption and double-dealing of current government agencies, many tied in with the very threats they’re supposedly fighting, we’ve been here, and have had several victories for freedom and security already and with our tireless agents working around the clock around the world, there’s going to be a lot more good news to come.

Past Work

Here are a few highlights from our past top projects where we’ve exposed malfesance, threats, or serial corruption in governments, organizations, and indivudals (and maybe even in the whole world)

THE WCC CONSPIRACY (half-exposed still a work in progress)

Spartans Are All Around Us #spartathreat

Kitchen Imposters

While of course, being an intelligence agency with secret agents all around we can’t just give away all our agents, all our staff, or tell our methods. But please take comfort that we’ll keep you,all of you, updated on what we find, what we expose, what we uncover as we fight the absolutely massive threats, the insidious threats, and the garden variety conspiracies of the day.


But we also do more. Need facts or data, quickly, cheaply, and legally? Contact Everett at to gain insight from our intelligence staff on your problem.

Request access to exclusive data and analysis here. Call or write to Everett to arrange an interview and background check to become truly “in the know”

Tips & Sources

Have a tip? Have intelligence of your own that will help the fight? Contact us just the same or leave a comment with the code word “droplets” on any page on our site and we’ll figure out how to contact you privately for a top secret data transfer.

Join the Team

Have what it takes to be a top spy? Fill out our form here then call or write to Everett to arrange an interview and begin the process of becoming a special agent with “the bravest metal there is”

More details to follow…