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World News

Iran Subtlely Showed That Canada Does Not Exist

Iran’s response to its “accidentally” shooting down a  Ukranian passenger jet over its capital last week demonstrated something huge in

Cardinal Schuster Calls for Canonization of Iranian General Soleimani

Dusseldorf, Germany – Citing great evidence of his personal virtue, calm demeanor, and commitment to peace, Cardinal Gunter Schuster of

IIT Christmas Special 2019: Saving Christmas for WCC Seniors

Lander, WY – Our very own staff at Irkutsk Ice Truckers is proud to say that they’ve saved a joyous

Pope Francis Announces Creation of Diocese of Lander

Lander, WY – In a surprise announcement today Pope Francis announced the splitting off of a small town in Wyoming

Fire and Brimstone Destroys Every Chick-Fil-A Location

World – In a much expected move, God called down fire and brimstone today upon Chick-Fil-A’s 2,328 worldwide locations on

WCC Seniors Take Public Stand Against Idolatry

Wyoming Catholic College Seniors Keegan & Ian were outed today as the two youths who removed and tossed the idolatrous

Pope Announces New Rosary Trilogy to Come Out in 2020

Rome, Italy – Citing a great need for balance and stability in the cosmic order, Pope Francis announced plans today

Archbishop Vigano Will Come Out of Hiding to become C.O.R. Chaplain

After a year in hiding Archbishop Carlo Vigano is set to return in an unlikely place, as one of the