Ojai, CA – It started with a simple visit over Christmas break to friends at Thomas Aquinas College, but Wyoming Catholic College juniors Raymond Engles and Julia Kuplack brought some of WCC’s recent string of weirdness along with them.

TAC, overly studious by almost anyone’s measure, was still in session days after WCC had finished, and each of the WCC students had some friends there whom they hoped to visit and encourage, and perhaps even aid in escaping. Not expecting anything out of the ordinary and not intending to bring it, though realizing there was danger in visiting a long-time rival and part-time enemy campus, Raymond and Julia, in disguise, managed to get in, and all seemed to be going well. Until that is, the two met up with TAC’s Dean, Dr. McAdams. Hearing that they had called themselves “Latin tutors”, as they are at WCC, Dr. McAdams, however, got a little mixed up in equivocation.

Immediately assuming they were the two recently hired “tutors” in the TAC sense, what we would call instead professors, Dr. McAdams sent them to two classrooms to teach sophomore Latin sections. Raymond and Julia were confused, but soon bemused, and attempted to explain the equivocation trap TAC had fallen into, but as they later told us, he didn’t listen, and the two had to teach classes, which they attempted to do until the students realized they were from WCC (by the fact that they were talking in class as TAC professors usually don’t). The two were taken as spies and quickly ejected just like JohnJohn, Dr. McAdams encouraging the school administration to take a harder line against WCC students to prevent similar future incidents.

Meanwhile, two TAC tutors reportedly came to visit WCC in early December and were immediately told to report to Mrs. Pendleton’s office to talk about their shortfall in work-study hours, WCC thinking them tutors in our sense.

It is these two incidents, which IIT became aware of only today, that seem to have contributed to much of the recent rise in tensions between TAC and WCC. Tensions fell over the fall after a near war last summer after JohnJohn’s capture and imprisonment, something which TAC officially explained away as the work of a “Katin mob”, but recently IIT analysts uncovered apparent TAC war preparations and stockpiling of weapons that point to a move back towards animosity. This only confirms and expands upon that knowledge, and WCC Security and administration are in deep discussions, our sources report, on planning a response and/or advancing WCC emergency preparations.

It seems that “Equivocation (really) is destroying world peace.” just as Janelle said.