About Us


Heavy metal is what we are!

Founded in October 2018, we are an international syndicate with businesses in many sectors but all guided by the goal of becoming the “bravest metal there is”. We began as an ice-road trucking business from Anchorage to Irkutsk but soon expanded into the entertainment, logistics, publishing, sophistry, and

We are headquartered in Irkutsk, Alaska but most of our executives are domiciled in Lander, Wyoming.

We are a global family founded by Russian and American metalhead and ice trucking families. Our unique roots, unique vision, and unique style of fun give us the ability to offer some seriously unique experiences to our clients.‡

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service for those seeking high-end work or work involving extreme risk to ensure the highest quality results and the best possible conditions. To that end, we are committed to developing exceptional service and work for our members‡, and the ultimate goal is to ensure each and every client feels confident and empowered during his/her journey to success and happiness.

Our Businesses

Irkutsk Ice Trucking

Ice Truck Yourself

Sourcing Engineering

Irkutsk Ice and Metal Mining

Irkutsk Ice Weddings

Metal Match – Our new dating site – replaces FaceTruck

Our Staff

Everett Polinski is the founder and C.E.O. of Irkutsk Ice Truckers, which he founded back in October of 2018.

Everard Polinski, his brother, loves metal just as much or more than Everett and is our Vice-President and Metal Director

Ernie Thee Bass is a member of the IIT board of directors and the founder of ETBMugBug and Bros

The Wandering Minstrel is Chairman of the IIT board and our Sales Manager

S. Ezra Smith is our chief Director of wisdom and manager of our e-commerce site buy.irkutskicetruckers.com

The Average Muslim Liturgist is our Chief Faith Correspondent and advisor

SpoonsMcGee is our Wyoming Catholic College news director

Pako is our chief Business Strategist and consultant on all matters music.

The Baked Potato, and his team (I am not certain if he is actually an actual potato), are our Marketing manager and marketing team respectively

Warmth’s Rival is our Digital Director

Vladimir, my best friend, plays a heavy metal band of his own and is very involved in various aspects of the company including our business and technology.

We’re hiring: Send your resume to sales@irkutskicetruckers.com

I always knew that only with the power of the bass could one get blasted into the space beyond the heavens... But I was never able to get there until IIT came around. Thanks guys!!!
Marcus Gardner
Junior - Wyoming Catholic College

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