The brother of the famous vine girl has been found at the local catholic college in Lander and is no other than the Irkutsk Ice Trucker’s co-founder James Green. The AINT (Asian Intelligence Network of Truckers), were scouring photos from the College’s 2021 spring break trips and noticed a strange resemblance between James Green and the sunglasses vine girl. “We couldn’t believe this,” said Jiang Chang, the head of the organization. “We weren’t initially looking for anything in particular, other than ways to increase diversity in the College. Then one of our agents pointed out the resemblance. We immediately informed the local authorities and child protective services, who will be in touch with Mr Green soon”.

Genealogists are still unsure how James and the vine sunglasses girl are related. Lander Protective Childhood Services came out with a statement Monday:

“We are still investigating if Mr Green and the vine sunglasses girl (Chloe Woodard) are actually related. Looking at biological parents, birth certificates and last names, it doesn’t seem likely that the pair are biologically related. Although according to some sources Chloe is from Illinois, which is really close to where Mr Green is from”.

Lander Protective Childhood Services have yet to break the news to poor James Green about his potential sibling. “I hope he doesn’t find out by an article posted on his own website” said Officer Yksoceg “It would certainly be awkward and possibly traumatizing”.

The AINT tried reaching out to Chloe for comments, but have not gotten a response yet.