Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College has announced plans to purchase the Lander Movie Theater in a transaction set to close as soon as this coming Friday with the school able to use the space by Monday, according to a press release issued by school administration officials. “For a school, our size it might seem odd that we’re buying a movie theater, especially given our well-known Technology Policy,” comments the school’s Chief Financial Officer Peter McCarn. “But it’ll actually be a big boon to both the educational and the community sides of our college.”

Many professors actually use projectors for videos and other presentations in their classrooms and having a more dedicated place in which to have these presentations will “really help us match up to the Ivy League,” school humanities professor Dr. Retxab commented.

Dr. Grove is expected to be the most frequent user of the new space, with every class he teaches expected to have most of its classes held in the new building. ELP (Experiential Leadership Program) classes are expected to come over and have their classes in the new space that’s extremely well built for better sleeping in class with couches and a dark atmosphere.

But in addition to providing a better audiovisual experience for classes featuring such characteristics, the school’s owning a movie theater will greatly advance the cultural and entertainment aspects of the school’s community. 

Junior Andrew Russell is already planning to host a weekly-school sponsored showing of Hot Rod, nightly movies will be made available for all students, titles to be determined by Student Life, and special weekend time slots for individual usage of the theater by students are already booked out for the rest of the semester.