Please Note: This account may be exaggerated and leading almost directly answer inducing questions of paragraph length with vivid descriptions may have been asked of the witness in order to achieve a vivid and “accurate” recounting of the spirit of what happened.

WCC Freshman Zach Lee finds himself answering what’s now to him “the question” about every ten minutes. Every time someone finds out that he used to be at Thomas Aquinas College (TAC), spending a full year at the WCC arch-rival before becoming Wyoming Catholic College’s first transfer student (although transferring here doesn’t include the carryover of what one may have done elsewhere due to the unitive nature of the WCC curriculum) they always ask him the same thing: “Why are you here?”

Although he gives an abbreviated answer to most of those who continually pester him on this subject, IIT managed to sit down with him and get the full story. And from what we’ve heard, he’s lucky to have escaped!

Zach, though he had visited WCC before, went to TAC in accordance with Acts 19:32: “Now some cried one thing, some another; for the assembly was in confusion, and most of them did not know why they had come together.” Though everyone at TAC is very smart, the school described by a WCC sophomore recently as “WCC for Nerds”, the intellectual life there was quite similar to the rest of this verse from Acts. Most people there just simply don’t know why they’re there. Part of the problem may be their overfocus on philosophy, which makes most think it impossible to answer any question at all, but most TAC students just “end up” there.

Enlightened by some supernatural light of the intellect, Zach realized some time last year the reality that he really didn’t know why he was there, and planned to leave. But that’s where the problem comes in. For, as is just starting to come out, TAC is basically a concentration camp disguised as a school, a place from which no one is allowed to leave and a guard state of sorts, with “Big Tutor” instead of “Big Brother” always on the watch.

TAC students, either actively working for their regime, brainwashed against resistance by continual propaganda that conditions are worse elsewhere, or threatened into silence, never admit to any of this in public, but to any who have visited TAC, i’ts obvious how a stark, dark, and depressing place it is in reality. Guard towers every hundred feet around the campus perimeter that has double barbed-wire fences fifteen feet high, a perimeter radar system, artillery escarpments on top of classroom buildings

By his supernatural enlightenment, Zach saw in a vision how WCC was the converse of what he currently experienced, a “place of beauty” against a campus “absolutely stark and lacking any apprehensions of beauty”. Many others sought and currently seek to leave, born down by the weight of the oppressive administration, but Zach, seeing a proper object of desire in Wyoming Catholic College, received even greater impetus than merely the negative. Filled with positive desire to be united with his beloved, to an education pervaded with the beauty of wisdom and not just truth alone, he had twice the strength to attempt an escape as any of his classmates who also had secret plans of escape.

And he had his chance when TAC announced plans to open up an eastern campus in Massachusetts. For as some students chose, or as actually was the case, were chosen by the administration to provide a seed population for their new campus, the school last summer planned a militarized cross-country convoy. Using the help of some sympathetic employees in the administration, he managed to be “chosen” to transfer and when the convoy of twenty chained and soon to be sophomore students departed under heavy guard for TAC’s “new campus”, Zach went along, and overpowering the guards with something never truly experienced, poetry, he managed to jump off the truck somewhere in Wyoming shouting from the poem “Black Rick & Rainy Weather”. 

Saved by a WCC graduate who happened to be returning early, Zach showed up in Lander at the end of July and with the object of desire achieved, an education of beauty, wisdom, and the outdoors., immediately signed up to be part of the Class of 2023 And it was the outdoors that saved him from the wrath of the TAC guards, who, when they had recovered from their poetry induced stupor, obviously came after him, just as he departed on the 21-day freshmen expedition. But losing their way in the wilderness when they attempted to chase the runaway Zach, he ultimately made it through safely and TAC appears, for now, to have given up on pursuit.

Immediately becoming what some call “a second incarnation of Omnisicens” or a “pure intellectual substance”, Zach helped seniors write their theses within two months after arriving, and plans to make it his mission, once he has fully acquired the good of the education here, to return to TAC and lead a revolt to liberate its “students” from the oppression of the school and the stark, beauty-free curriculum, which denies the good, and even the possibility for the existence of particulars.

Until then, however, Zach tells us to, “Do what you can,” to end the tyranny that had him imprisoned. “It starts with sending everyone who even considers considering TAC to a free hour of therapy with Parker Eidle.”
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