Considering how most of its students come from politically conservative households, Wyoming Catholic College has had a surprising history with socialism over its time. From the “hotel-biker-gang” to Anselm’s car, the “good of the community as a whole” to “group dating” and Sean’s instruments, something about Wyoming has given even many conservatives in the traditional liberal arts Catholic college “new openness” to a new sort of “Wyoming-socialism”. Not all like it, as with call’s by Sean Floody and Robert for training and instruction against this system and for being a “nice-person”, but researchers investigating this phenomenon have been surprised to discover a duality to the community consciousness in this respect between words and actions. Although they are still seen as conservative to most outside observers, could this mean that Marxism is making a return through Wyoming Catholic’s student rockers?

While there were only one declared socialist and possibly one other in potentiality recorded officially at the school last year, socialism in practice seems to have spread far beyond the two as many complain about its omnipresence in and around the school.

2019 graduate Sean Floody was the victim of the “borrowing” of his musical equipment that left him complaining:

“We are not all family. My things are not your things. They never have been and with very few exceptions never will be. Stop taking things that don’t belong to you. It’s annoying and it’s childish. Let’s try being decent humans.”

Robert Belken, a Senior this year, read the borrowing for the socialism it was as he responded:

“Can we make this part of the freshman talks every year? The Marxist aspirations need to die early. Perhaps this is a simple issue of catechesis. Maybe a semester-long course on the Baltimore Catechism would help…”

And Sean’s experience is just one, and actually a particularly small example of these larger socialist tendencies within WCC. Last year’s hotel biker gang “borrowed” bicycles with what they called “presumed permission” to add “any bike they saw unused for longer than a day” to their collection. The “collection”, composed of any and all bicycles apprehended and removed by the “gang” was traded in, among, and between all the organization’s members to the point that “no one declared any of them as their own, but rather saw them as community property”, regardless of whence the bicycle came or where it was. And that’s the definition of socialism with reference to a physical good, right?

Though the “biker gang” unofficially disbanded and most of the bikes were abandoned in various states of disrepair around town, they only did so because they “had something better”. One of the gang’s (which I intend in a carefully equivocal sense) members, acquired a car, and it was shared and passed around to an even greater extent than any of the communal bikes had been. Analysis of our intelligence reports on who used and drove the car show that its official “owner”, the student who had originally acquired it, was actually the least frequent of the nine users of the car, accounting for only 5% of its hours of operation. Other freshmen including his roommate (11% of usage), the date of his roommate (14%), the roommate of the date of his roommate (10%), and the ex-date of a friend who once visited the school (6%) all used his car more than he did.

However, the constant borrowing of the car soon came to trouble when it was “borrowed” one morning for an eight-hour roundtrip drive to Salt Lake City. Crashed into a snowbank on accident though the purpose was noble, the car soon left the “public domain” due to being unusable, and the “biker gang” carless for the rest of the semester. 

And if these anecdotes aren’t enough, Bernie Sanders is reportedly a student himself at WCC, spreading his socialistic ideas in the classroom and in the community. Little separates us now from NOLS or just about any other college when we even have to consider such trends of socialism. When further threats seem poised to arise as with 2019 graduate Nick King who commented “You just wait” on how the idea of socialism will come out in the future, good Catholic students feel just lost at WCC.

Are we really “Wisdom in God’s Country?” anymore when we see such blaring incidents of socialistic influence that WCC Presidential Candidate Parker Eidle calls “body-slams against our record of virtue that undermine the essence, matter, form, nature and all that jazz of who we are?”

No, we aren’t.

But let’s become it again. Make WCC Great Again!!!

Vote Parker Eidle 2020 for president of Wyoming Catholic College

Parker Eidle approves this message!!!

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