Given that a majority of students seem to prefer rooming at the six upper (Holy Rosary) dormitories, WCC administration is reportedly studying new ways to increase capacity at these locations.

Currently, the six dorms (three men’s and three women’s) have a total capacity for 96 students at two people per room and are now 99% full. “For the first time in years, St Leo’s is completely full with two students from the apartments having recently taken up the last open room,” WCC Residential Life Coordinator Michael Milligan told IIT Tuesday.

Only the sudden departure of Isabel two weeks ago leaves any space at all, her room currently being fought over by five students reports suggest. Thus with a reported unofficial waiting list of thirty-five people pressing for the ability to move to the “happening dorms,” there’s extreme pressure to find ways to increase capacity there “before people just start squatting in the hallways”.

As a matter of fact, that very idea in a formalized manner was one of several official proposals discussed today by WCC administrators, our sources tell us, though “not currently thought to be their top choice”.

Moving students into the bathrooms and laundry rooms, as well as perhaps putting three people per room in some situations were supported by Jason White, school chief financial officer, but “porches, roofs, and the benches right outside the dorms” might “be less disruptive to community life than the former suggestions” Michael Milligan said in response to a request for comment.

“We believe students want to believe in our decision and want it to be integrated with the curriculum as a whole,” he added, leading to the conclusion that “tents right outside the dorms, perhaps with a Roman military design” might be the current top solution.

Prefects concerned over the seriousness of the situation if nothing is done quickly are pressing for a final decision by their meeting with Student Life Thursday. IIT plans to bring you full coverage of this meeting and their decision as soon as it is made.

Solutions must still be developed for what to do with the empty space sure to open at the other dorms if space is created at the upper dorms. Prefects wary of losing much of their population may “slow a decision” until some other solution is found for this problem until next Thursday, however, one source anonymously reported according to a memo they glimpsed while working upstairs next to the offices of staff close to this situation.