By Guest Contributor – Matthew White (WCC ’22)

According to Dr. Bolin, as recently quoted in Dr. Holmes’ talk on dividing the WCC student body into four categories, only 5% of students are “converts” or souls fully committed to the WCC curriculum. Applying this to the Class of 2022, however, leads to some interesting conclusions. For it appears that there are five such persons in the Class of 2022 who represent the fullest commitment of soul, Jack, Jeremiah, Janelle, Theo, and Mary Anne.

This leads to three possibilities:

  1. The Class of 2022 actually has almost 100 students, and 60 of them are unknown in addition to the 40 “publically known”. For if these are the five converts corresponding to Dr. Bolin’s idea, then there are ninety-five other students, the remaining 95%, who are not fully committed in every way to the curriculum.
  2. The Class of 2022 is for some reason super committed and exceeds Dr. Bolin’s ratio
  3. Dr. Bolin is wrong

Now perhaps we don’t understand Dr. Bolin’s definition, which is another possibility, but it seems we are forced to accept conclusion #1, that there are sixty secret students in the Class of 2022.

For if not then the Class of 2022 is super committed and exceeds Dr. Bolin’s ratio with twice as many at the “convert” level of commital to the education than he suggests should be the case. However, this would contradict the well-known fact that this class is the “Plora et Labora” depressed sophomores. And how could a randomly selected group of people who came mainly so as that “most of them did not know why they were there” in any way exceed natural averages? It would defy all reason.

Neither, of course, can we suppose that Dr. Bolin is wrong. For in the case of him not being infallible, one would then be forced to accept the possibility of Canada existing, something also obviously absurd as to the point of gross irrationality.

What it would mean for the Class of 2022 to truly have a hundred members and it what sense they are such is yet unknown, but has to be accepted thus as pointed to by the reasoned fact. Now there have been bits and pieces of evidence over time that the Class of 2022 has more members than the forty-three officially recorded at the most recent count (down from fifty-five official members to start) as with this below picture of an unidentified student, but where these students are, why they are being kept a secret (mostly), and their relationship to the rest of the community bring a new set of necessary questions on a new level that demand answers.

A leaked image that supports there being more members to the Class of 2022 than meets the eye

Does WCC secretly have another campus at which these students study? Who teaches them? Why are they being hidden from the published student tallies? Why have we not heard about them from other students and other classes who surely must have connections somehow to them? And is there a chance they can be brought out of the metaphorical closet to join the dwindling ranks of the public Class of 2022?