In an exclusive direct Divine revelation to them, unnamed IIT sources confirmed that Acts 19:32 still applies to the WCC sophomore class. They, the Class of 2022, having lost thirteen students already, had been hoping they were no longer best described by this “most of them did not know why they had come together” verse and begged God to reveal that by grace they had been saved from having to lose yet more from their incredibly shrinking class

The answer from God was not what they had wanted: “You have not yet turned from your unphilosophical ways. Most of you still do not know why you are here, and that I called you. And if things do not change many more may yet leave.” 

God also confirmed that Genesis 2:24 still applies given the current dating rates at the school, but is still slightly concerned that WCC still doesn’t have a real well, something that may affect the method of fulfillment of His plan with reference to this verse.