META- NOTE This is Part II of an expected ten part finale series to close out the Everett “saga” or “era” at IIT whatever that means. For Part I, see here CORRECTION: Everett Polinski Is Not Going to be the President of WCC AND We Discover that IIT Has been Infiltrated by an Everett Imposter. For Part III, either wait a few days or a few weeks, we’re not sure yet. The Everett Saga: It’s all planned and its all connected.

Several weeks ago we issued a correction article, correcting an earlier IIT post from last fall that claimed that Everett Polinski was going to be the next president of Wyoming Catholic College. The original IIT post, we discovered, was false disinformation, an article that no one on our editorial board even knew had been written. Someone, we discovered, had infiltrated IIT and published a still yet to be determined number of articles without the IIT editorial board’s approval. Someone, we thought, was impersonating our founder Everett Polinski.

Well, we’ve done more research since then, and determined at least some of the damage. It’s bad. Most of IIT’s current content is illegitimate, neither approved by Everett nor the editorial board. Of our 747 posts so far, we’ve only been able to prove authorship, editorial approval, and social equitability of 342, which means that over half of IIT was written by someone else.

For most of the past two years since our June-Nov 2021 gap in reporting, we’ve assumed that things have been normal. Everett in charge, I in charge of the editorial board, Everett’s friend Marcus Gardner in charge of all things business and marketing.

But obviously, this has not been the case. IIT has been a tool of propaganda and unapproved (arguably lowbrow and unfunny attempts at humor) for some unknown entity for the past two years. IIT has not been following the vision Everett wanted for two years. The site is filled with ridicule of him and his character

This hits Everett and me hard. We’ve been working together on this project for over four years, thinking we’ve been reporting news and entertaining the WCC community with carefully curated humor all this time. But, instead, someone had hacked our site and been publishing unapproved content unnoticed for years.

And so, disappointed at what happened to his project, Everett has agreed to part ways with it. He feels like his reputation as a humorist has been ruined by the content coming out of the site for the past two years, his reputation as a business leader ruined by his inability to stop the “hack”, and his time over the past two years wasted on account of his ruined reputation, including such digs on his character as insinuations that Everett was expelled from WCC or failed out, or as one article claimed, had already left the company.

The agreement to part is between IIT as an institution and Everett and has nothing to do with anything personal. Everett is moving on, and the institution that he started will move on without him. I’ll stay for a while longer too, but it may really be finally time to let a new generation of reporters (err “trucking professionals” as we’ve jokingly called them for years to take over. The IIT Board of Directors will do their best to unravel “the case of the Everett imposter” and maintain Everett’s vision, but Everett is out, effective immediately.

It’s a sad departure, but IIT will live on. For the next few days we’ll be focused on cleaning up and purging our site of all of its “fake news”, stripping it down to just what Everett would have wanted. Once that process is finished, our regular satire, humor, comedy, laughs and otherwise will return just like you’ve always enjoyed and remember them.

Farewell Everett!

Sophia Donaldson
Editor in Chief, Irkutsk Ice Truckers