In an article published last November, we reported that Everett Polinski had been selected as Wyoming Catholic College’s next president.

Well, it seems this was slightly less than true. Everett will not be the next WCC president. In fact there were all sorts of factual errors in that article. Dr. Jim Shrubbery is not the current president of WCC. It’s actually Dr. Glenn Arberry.

Neither is Everett a business leader. Neither did Everett ever disappear into the Wind River Mountains for months after he supposedly “was expelled.” Not everyone likes him, but neither is he hated by all the WCC faculty. You see Everett is the guy who runs this website (or is he?). He owns no trucking company, is no metalhead, and most certainly will not be the next WCC president.

And how do I know? Because he’s my best friend. I see him almost every day, as each of us now work at WCC. I know that he’s not all the things that article claimed he was. Pretty much none of the things it said about him are true.

If you want to know about him (it’s currently a bit dated, but whatever, here’s a good place:

WCCLEPEDIA – the WCC Encyclopedia – Everett Polinski

Now Everett is an interesting guy, but in very different ways. His dad is a well-known science researcher and inventor. Humor, not trucking, real adventures and not fictional ones. Irish music over metal. He graduated a year ago. He works for the college. He continues to write satire to this day.

So, we at IIT are really not sure what happened with this article. How could we, as WCC’s favorite source of satire, have published something so blatantly false about the head of our own site? You see Everett doesn’t like to write about himself on the site. People wouldn’t take him seriously if he satirized himself. And he doesn’t. Which means that Everett Polinski did not write this article!!!

In a blatant attempt to discredit Everett, someone infiltrated Irkutsk Ice Truckers News’s top-notch web security and published this article on our site without our team’s knowledge.

But it gets worse. Whoever did so, wrote the article in Everett’s name. There could be dozens, hundreds in fact of other articles that were written by this imposter on our site, all of them attempts to portray a false persona of our news director. We have literally no idea of the extant of this fraud yet.

We can’t believe we didn’t discover this before, but I guess we have to chalk it up to the fact that we don’t read our site, only the things we write. Whoever this imposter is obviously so incredibly skilled at his deception that none of you caught onto it

Everett is frantically investigating and we’ll let you know the extant of the damage and issue further corrections as needed.

By the way, congratulations to the real next president of WCC, our current Dean Kyle Washut!

God bless,

Sophia Donaldson
Irkutsk Ice Truckers Associate Editor
Wyoming Catholic College (’21) Admissions Counselor