Lander, WY – Dr. Olsson made a bet in junior’s science classes last week at Wyoming Catholic College that “no economy could be run solely on Roman numerals” because “you can’t multiply with them.” But it appears that the school itself has taken him up on that bet with a decision announced today that “going foreward all financial calculations, transactions, and statements will be based solely on Roman numerals without any usage of the secular-establishment-preferred system of Arabic notation.” 

“We’re confident not only that we can make it work, but that it will also help differentiate us as who we are even the more,” says Saul H. Ciwoknot, WCC’s executive vice president, “We don’t take federal funds for a reason and similarly we shouldn’t be using modern systems of notation when older ones more appropriate to our curriculum and the founding principles of Western Christian civilization are still available.”

This switch involved more than just Roman numerals as inputs and outputs. “Even if its slightly harder, all calculations in between will be based solely on Roman numerals, something that will give not only our published statements, but also our processes and methods, a distinctly WCC-feel,” Ciwoknot adds.

Students will still be allowed to use Arabic numerals in classroom mathematical exercises for the time being, but “it’s important that we take the first step by simplifying and streamlining all of our financial paperwork, the literal currency of the WCC economy, with them first,” he continued.

Ancient Roman coinage may be allowed for use in payments to WCC eventually, although several more spreadsheets and contacts with the Financial office will likely be required.