Further evidence that TAC does nothing but copy WCC in its successes came out last week with the revelation that TAC’s Fall Dance had the same “science fiction” theme that WCC’s Sophomore Dance had, was held the same day, and was hosted by the same class, sophomores.

“Someone obviously leaked them our theme, says Matthew White, a WCC sophomore who helped run the WCC dance. “This is on top of a curriculum that’s nothing but a shameless rip-off on the WCC curriculum minus a few things like the outdoor curriculum, of course, but overall obviously a copy.” Some disagree with this assertion, saying that TAC developed its curriculum first and then shared it with WCC, but obviously, as WCC’s curriculum is better, it is prior to TAC’s in priority of nature and TAC’s posterior, making it a copy.

It can’t have been a coincidence and while the possibility of TAC hacking the theme does have to be considered, WCC’s recent award for its  “internet and network security” make this also an unlikely possibility. 

Assuming thus that someone leaked the theme details, JohnJohn is the top suspect as his father is a professor there but, given that nearly a third of WCC students have direct connections to TAC, there is a wide range of possible turncoats who could have been involved. 

The sophomore class may be “too depressed and busy to press charges” but Matthew says they “obviously don’t want this to happen again” and his class is sending a letter of protest to the TAC sophomores in hopes that they “own up to their theft”.