It may seem like one of the craziest ideas of anything, but hear me out – Ruth Kress, the Ruthie of the Class of 2022 who’s “family” constitutes just about everybody and is growing by the day, is the Protestant “counterpart” of WCC founding professor Dr. Kwasniewski.

Ruth and her father Elrich Kress, as by her recent article on the corruptions brought about by vaccines to expose the errors of similar post-counseliar “innovations” to those post-conciliar ones, abuses of the liturgy, doctrine, and faith which Dr. Kwasniewski exposes and deposes from any supposed logical underpinnings. Of course she is Protestant, but as about the most “traditional of any Protestants I/we’ve ever known with her and her family’s dress, customs, lifestyle. She is connected to many Catholics, with two siblings who have converted already, and is fully committed to the intellectual life of the school, including the very-Catholic, Theology track. Concerned about heresy and exposing it, she once said “Stay away from the Trinity. You’ll say something heretical” to her classmates in an attempt to keep them from writing falsehoods

We don’t know how she’ll progress through the rest of the curriculum, but she is well-liked by professors like Dr. Grove, who famously once said, “We like Protestants. Ruth is Protestant. Even non-Catholics have brains.” She appears poised to bring others to  a deeper closeness and appreciation of the truth of the Catholic Faith with many of her friends , called “little-Ruthie’s” planning to come to WCC in the future. 

And in their highest similarity, both love good culture and good music. What else could be a bigger similarity than this?

And with Ruth already planning and working on a bombshell thesis that will overthrow and expose much of the abuses of the liberal scientific establishment just like Dr. Kwasniewski exposes the liturgical and theological heretical establishments, they’re biggest correlations are yet to come. Though Ruth’s objects of inquiry are yet in the matters of the lower sciences, it’s only time, right? Soon she’ll actually be Catholic and actually be covering the same issues. And maybe she’ll even found something like a WCC East Coast campus someday.

Watch out world. Ruth is coming!