(May or may not be based on real events from Saturday, December 16th, 2023)

If you give a student a shuttle ride, he’ll ask you to stop back at the dorm for his favorite Nalgene that he forgot.

When you bring him back by his dorm, he’ll need to say goodbye again to everybody.

When you depart again for the airport to which you are bound, he’ll ask you to stop at a gas station so he can buy Red Bull.

When you start off again, he’ll ask you to stop again in thirty minutes for another.

When you start off again and reach the airport, he’ll ask you take him to town first to see the Cathedral. (He has hours before his flight, he claims…)

When you take him to the Cathedral he’ll ask you to borrow money so he can light a candle.

After he’s lit the candle, he’ll want to take a look at the relics.

When he’s taken a look at the relics, he’ll ask you to explain the Bible verses on the walls of the Cathedral.

When you finally persuade him to return to your van, he’ll want you to stop by a grocery store for food.

When you drive off, he’ll specify that he wants you to go to the grocery store downtown right next to where the protest march is blocking off traffic on all the streets. (Since you’re driving a big van with a big trailer, you have to keep driving around in circles while he’s in the store)

Once you’ve dropped him off, you’ll have to race to avoid the protestors in order to pick him up again.

When you’ve finally picked him up again, he’ll want to go back to the airport. And there you are, finally doing what you originally intended, giving a student a shuttle ride to the airport.

(Note: It was actually a quite fun day, and we did embellish this story for artistic effect while leaving out the Sam’s Club trailer adventure and the Lowes stop.)