The popular Wyoming Catholic College-owned and operated recreational water reservoir located within one of its dormitories, Lake Scholastica’s is “now open for the season,” according to WCC’s Director of Student Life, John Breadriksson. “Students now have ready access to a lake perfect for swimming, boating, fishing (for OLP surplus goldfish crackers) and so much more. With ready access for students due to its incredible right within St. Scholastica’s Dormitory, Lake Scholastica’s is the perfect place for a quick bit of exercise, a fun dorm event, and even just a nice backdrop for studying.”

Lake Scholastica’s opened last year, albeit for a recreation season only one day long. This year, in order to keep the lake open for a longer run, Breadriksson tells us, a better dam was constructed by means of a plastic bottle on the Sewer River in order to divert water to form the lake.

Although some residents of St. Scholastica’s are happy to have a swimming area right outside their door (or in the case of Rooms 3 and 4, inside their door), and a heated swimming area for that, freshman Sally Rose is “concerned over water quality and environmental impact” (i.e. impact on her room). “I’m just not sure about swimming in sewer water in my own room. Or even fishing in that water.”

While the WCC Office of Student Life is celebrating the reservoir’s seasonal reopening, there are signs of factionalism within the larger organization, as the college’s maintenance department is “currently working to eliminate the dam and drain the reservoir” according to an IIT source within the department.