It was promised years ago. Thousands of dollars were fundraised based on the promise. And then, for years, nothing happened.

Most people forgot about it.

Most who didn’t forgot, assumed all the fundraising efforts supposed to be dedicated to the project were merely a front for raising hookah money for the Baghdad House of Wisdom 3.0TM.

But, suddenly, yesterday, something happened.

Due to Joe Biden’s “roaring economyTM“, the $2,500 raised by the WCC Class of 2022 way back when in spring 2022 has now become this stupendous, incredible, and valued due to inflation to now be worth more than $10 million, gift to the college that finally just appeared yesterday.

And don’t worry, it’s not like that other $10 million gift… although the plans for a bell tower, rose window, etc. were, you might say, “scaled down and indefinitely postponed until Sponseller makes his first million.”