Remember, driving is the most dangerous thing we do. It’s like really really really dangerous, and you’ve got to remember that. DRivING iS the MOst dAngERous thIng WE do. Say it again with me: DrivInG…

Well, aCtUAlly climbing is like really, really, dangerous, so make sure to fill out 20 pages of forms before doing it.

No, no, it’s actually whatever the people in this image are doing.

Well, upon thinking a little more about it, I think the real most dangerous thing is actually doing peak attempts. Never ever call it a planned peak ascent. You might want to do it so much you will take risks and ignore dangers in order to accomplish one. The way to not get stuck on the idea is simply to call it an “attempt.”

Nevermind, we just got an update from someone else on the risk management committee. It’s driving WITH TRAILERS that is the most dangerous thing ever. Don’t even think about a trailer unless you’re a trailer driver. Even just thinking about a trailer can cause accidents to happen.


Doing handstands on the edge of a cliff, however, is even worse. Someone reportedly did this on a recent trip, and well, it just looks dangerous, so this has to be worse than anything else we’ve mentioned yet. Doing handStaNDS on tHE edGe of A clIff IS the MoSt dAngerOUs thing poSSible!

Oh, no, it’s actually “doing an authorized WFR scenario” that’s the worst thing ever… Never ever fake an incident. That’s worse than any real incident.

Never mind, the most dangerous thing is driving again, specifically this outdoor trip from a few years back… And no, we are not going to change our opinion again on what’s the most dangerous thing…

Until we do…