LTIGA Ping Pong Tables:
We’re pleased to announce today that Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now offering world -class ping-pong supplies to our loyal customers.

An English joint-venture with Swedish and Chinese experts are new venture will feature hand-tested ping pong tables by world renowned ping pong experts Dr. Mikolaj Zagorski and  Anselm Terreri who have decades of combined experience in this field.

A strenuous test of our prototype model
Matthew Khubisch the CEO of our new venture is so excited about this venture personally, ahving taken the name for our new product offering from that of his son Ltiga Khubisch.
With the trusted Irkutsk Ice Truckers brand behind it, our new line of world class ping-pong tables and accesories will continue in the IIT tradition of being the bravest metal there is.
Only $199 for our first 100 customers!
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Remember the motto, bravest metal there is!