Everett Polinski and new IIT associate mathematician Aretari Polinski announce their latest discovery today.

Through an infinite progression of right triangles and related manipulations, Aretari excitedly declares today that he has found a geometric proof that 1=2!

Although this upends much of modern logic and thinking in general, embarrassing mathematics as a science, Aretari calls this in particular the undoing of Euclid, saying bluntly “Euclid was wrong”.

Aretari Polinski working on new ice-resistant spark plugs for our IIT fleet

Local professor Dr. Henry Zepeda could not be reached for comment at press time, but expect to hear more news soon about this idea that 1=2.

Most commentators express disbelief but for IIT, we plan to take this new discovery and put it at the core of our business. Thanks to Aretari’s discovery we plan to double our profit next year while halving our fees.

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