Washington D.C. – The Federal Bureau of Investigation continues to conduct an investigation into the business practices of “Irkutsk Ice Truckers”, “Irkutsk Ice Truckers News”, “IIT Corp” as well as individuals associated with that organization including “Everett Polinski”, “Sophia Donaldson”, “and “Jeffrey Sarvis.”

At this point, the investigation, ongoing since June of 2021 has uncovered potential fraud, forgery, money laundering, and potential collusion with foreign entities including Russia as well as a new bombshell revelation to be revealed below

The FBI, fully following all applicable federal regulations in its investigation has subpoenaed and received dozens of witnesses and thousands of documents including internal communications between the employees and leadership of the organization in question.

We issued our first report on the investigation’s results on September 19th, 2023 but additional shocking details about Irkutsk Ice Truckers, IIT, and Everett Polinski have just been uncovered by the Bureau:

Irkutsk Ice Truckers is being run by the Catholic Benedictine monastery of Our Lady of Clear Creek in Clear Creek, Oklahoma. IIT, Irkutsk Ice Truckers, IIT CORP, etc. are but fronts for the monastery, for which the FBI has recently uncovered evidence is home to a massive underground bunker, a literal underground city, an internet server farm, and associated headquarters for the supposed aforementioned businesses (cut away map below)

While the FBI has yet to fully question everyone at the monastery (we don’t understand Latin), we suspect that IIT is but a money-making front used by them to collect funds from around the country, and especially from people associated with Lander, Wyoming based Wyoming Catholic College, which is connected to Clear Creek through their common association with the Catholic scholar Dr. John Senior, in order to build a chapel, finish construction of the rest of their monastery, and, most worringly perhaps give credence to or lend prayers to the effort of the infamous soap manufacturer and “all-around cool guy” Charles Haywood.

Given IIT’s telling connections to Russian oligarchs and particularly well-connected Kremlin insiders, the FBI also bears strong concerns about Russian disinformation being disseminated both through the public-facing Irkutsk Ice Truckers apparatus and the shadowy operations of a Catholic monastery. For example, one FBI source within the monastery tells of a daily special operation with the concerning title of “V.E.S.P.E.R.S” that occurs there whilst FBI agents have not yet been able to infiltrate the complex itself to investigate the rumors that the entire IIT complex within the monastery grounds is blast proof and shielded against electronic intelligence operations.

The monks at the monastery all run the aforementioned front businesses, all of which are known to have intervened in and influenced elections by their reporting and words, whilst they also engage frequently in a radical form of election interference known as prayer.

The FBI will continue to investigate but will also now expand its investigation with aid from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) due to the high number of foreign intelligence operatives involved with IIT and therefore part of the scope of this case.

The public is advised to exercise extreme caution when reading or consuming any content produced by IIT, Irkutsk Ice Truckers, Irkutsk Ice Truckers News, IIT Corp, Everett Polinski or in any way referring to any of these organizations or their related individuals due to the extreme likelihood that such content, statements, or associated verbal, written, or other media spirations are dangerous bits of misinformation, disinformation, malinformation, contrainformation, posttruthinformation, noninformation, negative-information, or the like.