Get there. Get back.
Get away. Get home.
Announcing: Ice Truck Yourself: There by Irkutsk.
Simply order online with your name, destination, and credit card, get picked up by one of our brave drivers in an ice truck, and get there.
Siberia by Ice Truck

Our newest venture,  Ice Truck Yourself allows anyone to experience the rocker world of ice trucking when you travel. get to any worldwide address by secure ice truck shipment for between $29.99 and $129.99.

Rome: by Ice Truck
How it works.
Go to, enter your current address and that of your destination.
One of our drivers will come to your address, seal you into a box, and carry you away in the back of our fleet of adventuresome ice trucks. 
Your space for your enjoyable week with us

On the way, experience loud metalhead music played through one of our trucks fourteen speakers, an environment temperature controlled to between -50F and 120F, darkness inside of one of our comfortable cardboard boxes that allows great sleep, solitude within your box for days, and express shipment that gets you anywhere in the world in a week.
Just bring your own food and water. Air is provided free of charge.
Launching March 2, 2019.
Buy your delivery today!