META- NOTE This is Part III of an expected ten part finale series to close out the Everett “saga” or “era” at IIT whatever that means. For Part II, see here IIT & Everett Have Agreed to Fully Part Ways. For Part IV, either wait a few days or a few weeks, we’re not sure yet. The Everett Saga: It’s all planned and its all connected. HINT: There’s a reason why we seemed to publish two different articles on the same topic but with the same title mere minutes apart. Find out what happened in Part IV.

Lander, WY — August 24, 2023 — Irkutsk Ice Truckers and Everett Polinski have agreed to part ways. We thank him for his service to the organization as its founder, president, and top writer at IIT subsidiary Irkutsk Ice Truckers News. Polinski’s last article was written on August 23rd.

A small update on the corporate structure of IIT is in order. Jeffery Davis Sarvis remains the president of Irkutsk Ice Truckers with the remainder of the IIT board of directors composed of S. Ezra Smith, Shadow Flame, Roman Rambler, Riley Winter, C.G, Jeremiah Davis Smith, Pierre Arronax. Aristotle’s Betrothed resigned from the board a year ago because she was betrothed to someone named Aristotle. Ernie Thee Bass retired at the beginning of the summer to get married–and go fishing for bass. Alfred Pozno, while still listed as an employee as of today on our site, has actually not worked for us for two years. We think he’s now a NOLS instructor–and moose hunter, but we’re not sure.

Besides our voting board members, IIT contributors SpoonsMcGee, the Maleman, Axa, Jiang Chang, and Rose Duong have also not posted for awhile. We’re not going to suspend from the organization just yet; but we’re not sure what happened to all of them, so we might have to consider doing something–someday.

On a completely unrelated note, IIT’s editor-in-chief Sophia Donaldson has also resigned. We suspect that she may have been part of the reported epidemic of “fake news” on IIT and be behind the noted impersonation of Everett Polinski in some of our articles. Predicated on evidence I can’t disclose, we strongly believe here at the IIT board of directors that she is behind every issue we’ve ever had recently. Every SINGLE ONE. She has been replaced by Jeffery Davis Sarvis (That’s Me!!!) with assistance from Odin Odinssen.

With the traitor(s) to the cause, the suspects behind the recent hack, gone, IIT is only going to get better, so while we thank Everett for his contribution we’re not worried about our future one bit. IIT is only going to continue to get better.

Thanks for reading IIT,

Jeffery Davis Sarvis
President – Irkutsk Ice Truckers