Apparently there building something like this which is under development in Dubai

Lander, WY – In breaking news today came the shocking revelation that the small town of 8,000 people in central Wyoming is “building an artificial mountain. Irkutsk Ice Truckers (IIT) president Everett Polinski, recently having returned to our Lander world headquarters for IIT discovered the work going on today while conducting a standard intelligence sweep on the town’s southeastern edge, and reports “It’s weird, but it’s true. Lander’s moving millions of tons of rocks, dirt, and concrete to build an artificial mountain. It can’t be anything else with the amount of dirt they’ve been moving.” Initially, Everett had considered some other explanation until the smoking gun came in the form of a sign, somewhat hidden from public view that left “no room for doubt”.

No one seems yet to have reported on this shocking announcement, nor were any disbursements for such an absolutely massive project recorded in any of the town council’s meeting minutes, so the construction is “just the tip of the iceberg of more of Lander’s typical weirdness” IIT associate editor Marcus Gardner reports.

Locals were reticent to comment on the obvious earht moving work going on and mounding piles of rocks, which were “definitely not here in Lander when we left two months ago” Everett continues. “We’re looking into this a bit more and watching these construction crews, but there’s obviously something fishy going on. Lander has mountains so close already, its not like we need one to be a tourist attraction.”

Some of the evidence of the absolutely massive project going on at Lander’s southeastern edge

City officials did not respond to any requests for comment and city offices were found locked and seemingly unoccupied when IIT reporters went to investigate.