At the suggestion of a board member Mr. Potato, Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now expanding its business operations to the comets.

Comets – Yes they are made of ice!

Comets are made of ice and an important stepping stone to the mineral wealth of the solar system that IIT hopes to exploit with our new Space mining arm, Irkutsk Ice and Metal Mining.

Comets will be our literal stepping stone from the earth to the asteroids and back, a sort of “free ride” to transport our mined raw materials with the new Acme Flying Saucer developed in secret by Russian scientists and with the designs procured by our long-standing association with the Wyoming IRA and their technical experts and spies.

Materials will be mined from asteroids by our freshman rockers to the tune of “The Distance” and loaded into our Acme fleet where they will be temporarily stored on comets as part of the process of retrieval, riding the comet until they reach a position near the earth, from whence another Acme Flying Saucer will retrieve the materials and bring them to our Irkutsk, AK headquarters for processing and eventual ice-delivery (TM).

Metal from Space via Flying Saucer and Ice Truck – to your door!

Pre-order today for even lower than low prices on aluminum, iron, copper, gold, ice, etc.

We will launch, literally this new venture in March of 2019 headed by Mr. Potato, but delivery may take several additional years due to the time in transit.

Bringing you the bravest metal there is – from space! Get the wealth of the stars, order from Irkutsk today! :
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