In the midst of a record level of departures from the Class of 2022, Junior Christopher M. Carter is reported according to senior WCC officials to be transferring to the current WCC sophomore class.

“They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” Chris told IIT during a private counseling session with our executive staff and WCC Student Research analyst Joboebe Whibite. “Cash under the table, free cigars, and curfew extensions were all on the table, but what ultimately convinced me was a chance to get ‘the real’ better than I could in my class, given that the sophomores actually experience it rather than just talking about it.”

Chris will finish out this semester as a junior before transitioning back to a sophomore next semester. While unusual, as he failed no classes and there is no other reason to require him to leave and then come back, this move is actually “quite reasonable and fitting”, WCC sophomore Matthew White tells us, as he’s actually younger than most sophomores and even many of the freshmen. “Why Chris ended up in the Class of 2021 given his age is a big mystery,” he continued, “but order is being restored and we’re in talks with the last major age aberration, Ceily on also switching to the sophomores as well.”