Lander, WY – Wyoming Catholic College’s 180 students face difficult choices this week amidst the serious moral question of which home to go to for Thanksgiving.

“Dealing with ten invitations and deciding which one to take up is more difficult than choosing a paper prompt, choosing a roommate, or even taking up a courtship,” says freshman Curtis Shine of Massachusets. “This is literally something that will affect the rest of my life, and everyone I know is scared that they’ll do it wrong.”

John Carter of Michigan is similarly worried, “Do I go to the home of my humanities professor in hopes of gelling with their family and getting some mercy for my last paper or do I go to Dr. Cleanit’s and work up some ‘currency’ before next semester?”

And with a massive open-invitation gathering to be hosted by the Callaway family in Frassati Hall, students who planned to “go it alone” after determining in last week’s personality type test that they were introverted, face the prospect of having to communicate that they don’t want to be invited anywhere.

“I can’t bear to think of what they’ll all think of me, when I decline all their invitations,” says one introverted senior. “I managed to avoid all the trouble last year by telling everybody I was going out of town, but that excuse won’t work this year as no one’s able to get out.”

While everyone else is worried and concerned, however, WCC’s two resident Canadians are relaxing in their rooms and working on their humanities essay while “starting their respective theses.”