I regret to inform you that at least for the present I will not be continuing my education at this school, due to failing the Music 302 course (because I turned my paper in two years early and apparently you’re only allowed to turn assignments in one week early…!), as well as disciplinary reasons involving WCC’s COVID-19 protocols (I only wore one mask at Mass a couple times and was reportedly seen one inch closer than allowed to Sophia at a dance… ).

I plan to stay around Wyoming and Irkutsk Ice Truckers and my friend and rising WCC Senior James Green will continue running IIT for me as I go off to live and work around the Winds to really find myself and potentially join the military, or maybe find love, or find a pet zebra, or something…

The school has offered me the chance to return at some point if I grow up a bit and I do hope to come back eventually. From time to time I’ll still contribute to IIT with a new column “Tales from the Forest”.

James is not as good a writer as me and won’t produce as much as me, but at least I trust that he and the other members of the IIT team will keep the business running while I try to actually grow up.

Rock on my fellow rockers and keep reading IIT as again it will continue!

By the way, here’s the paper I wrote and apparently failed the course over… The only thing wrong I saw was saying Music 102 instead of Music 302…


P.S. This gives James Green an excuse to slow down and focus on school, thesis, and other responsibilities for the next year at WCC