Lander, WY – Former Wyoming Catholic College student and president and editor of Irkutsk Ice Truckers, Everett Polinski was de-platformed over the last week nearly entirely from his online social media presence after evidence came out that the famed personality supported fringe conspiracy theories such as denying the existence of Canada, believing in Bigfoot, being a Russian troll suspected of interfering with several elections, questioning government health orders with the COVID-19 protocols established by Irkutsk Ice Truckers, as well as, worst of all, believing that he himself existed.

According to Twitter’s “spokesperson” Myeral Nomansilly, “You have to be real to use Twitter. You can’t be a Russian troll. You have to believe that Canada exists. You have to be willing to bow to our CEO and offer incense to his dog whenever the bell is rung. Any violation of any of these rules and you’re out, you bigot. Now Everett was all of these hateful terrible things and more.”

Facebook accuses Everett’s firm Irkutsk Ice Truckers and himself in particular of “really being nothing but an arm of the Russian intelligence propaganda teams in plain sight. IIT is nothing but a bunch of hackers who interfered with multiple American elections, two WCC prefect selection elections, and local Lander politics. We’re nothing but happy that he’s off of Facebook. Good riddance,” said their spokesrationalanimal” Anyword Ishateful.

YouTube is allowing Irkutsk Ice Trucker’s business account to remain up although they banned Everett Polinski’s personal account.

Commentators from CNN question why it took social media several years to make this “important and necessary decision to protect American democracy” as Anderson Cooper put it, but NBC commentator Anders Andrewson suggests that “Everett was just extremely sly, good at threatening tech companies and the media, and hired good lawyers.”

Everett Polinski was also recently expelled from WCC over personal violations of health regulations. He also failed the Music course and ran out of money to come back regardless over storage fees being charged to him over a music paper. However, new suspicions are now on the rise on campus at WCC that the school administration knew of his pending ban and Everett’s being a dangerous conspiracy theorist and that this added further impetus to his being forced to leave.

Everett was unavailable for comment about these bans as according to his close friend and 2021 WCC graduate Sophia Donaldson, “Everett hasn’t been heard from in several weeks and is probably out wandering around somewhere in the Wind River Mountains or doing something crazy climbing down in Utah.”