Who or what is the mysterious figure standing in the background?
Well, it’s taken eight months, but after incoherent stories have come out about terrifying experiences they underwent, what they themselves call the “true story” has finally come out about what WCCLE 5 experienced. The group is trying to be careful about what they say and what they release, with only very short, scripted answers, but the few images released last week of their true experience from C.O.R. last August are stunning scientists around the world already. 
Four images have been released by the six surviving members of the eight “Lost Boys” who originally ventured forth that month into the Wyoming wilderness. Two show a large hairy creature in the background that they claim to be a creature that stalked them for days. “Its proof that Bigfoot exists, when we had lost all hope of ever doing that,” said Dr. Regis Blackgaard, a Stanford physicist looking into “the real” concerning the existence of this supposed creature. Nothing more other than that these images are “self-evident was said by the WCCLE 5 members, but another image was given more description.
This one shows little more than a large blur but is described by them as “Bigfoot’s flying saucer, with pepperoni pizza on the double.” At IIT, we’re not sure what this means, and we assume that even this newest information release has then some inconstancies and fear mental damage was still done to the survivors’ minds. Beyond these image descriptions, all they say is that they “encountered a lot of strange things, had two members die, and barely made it out alive after mutliple attacks were made on them, maps were switched, and faulty equipment was issued.” Perhaps this has some bearing on the next image released, showing Andrew Russell in front of some sort of triangular craft flying in the distance?
Further details are expected to be released as WCCLE 5 and its lawyers decide what can be released versus what needs to be kept redacted in the midst of an ongoing investigation into “what really happened”.
“It was a horror show,” says US President Donald Trump about what happened to WCCLE 5 and “we’re gonna make sure it never happens again.” However, Democrats are skeptical of WCCLE 5’s claims, as Nancy Pelosi suggests they “were just mentally unstable deplorables trying to blame people with their hatred.” It is on the account of the very public nature of the investigation and political nature of these events, we are told by our WCCLE 5 source that they are being so careful about the information release. He (a highly respected survivor of the group) says: “Only when things calm down publically will everything come out, but we wanted to release what we could to at least get scientists to look into our story from a more serious perspective than political gaming”
Andrew and UFO?

Here’s the other “Bigfoot” image (visible in the center left of it)