Lander, WY – According to top IIT sources within Wyoming Catholic College’s administration, someone, somehow, stole blueprints for some of the school’s future projects today. Apparently some of the school’s top secret files were being moved temporarily by employees with the highest security clearances in order to allow necessary maintenance  work to be completed on their storage vault. “But when we went to move everything back, nothing,” one of the two employees involved told IIT under the condition of anonymity. “We’ve checked everywhere and somehow during the ten minutes when we weren’t watching the hallway, someone removed them.” 

Since all school buildings are currently locked with access only granted to Level III security clearances and above, WCC’s Security Chief, Andrew Matthews, a junior from Montanta, believes the theft “must have been an inside job.” He and his security team are currently scanning and searching across school property for the plans, whose exact nature is “top-secret” but “crucial to the school’s future growth and development.”

IIT is collaborating with WCC Security in investigating the disappearance of the blueprints, although school officials have not yet made a public statement about their loss.