Now marry your metalhead love in a traditional style with a new modern twist.
On special permission from the Archdiocese of Irkutsk, Irkutsk Ice Truckers is now a certified marriage prep coordinator and will also plan your wedding in full on traditional metal style which includes a Tridentine Rite marriage ceremony sung to new chanted metal and a full on metal par-tee to follow with the full Irkutsk Ice Truckers playlist.
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Need help finding your true metalhead love?
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Irkutsk Ice Weddings has years of experience going for it with expert serial daters on our staff and can teach you all the skills to date, sudo-date, and more.
Very pleased practice customers include:
“The Circus Cousins” – a technicality of supposed cousinship between these two put a stop in their relationship
Suzy and Blake
Daniel “I’m single” Albers
Expect even better results with our new fully operational and integrated Irkutsk Ice Wedding services, from not knowing anybody to full traditional metalhead marriage, we got yus covered, fam!
Wedding receptions – Irkutsk style