Yes this is a real image – taken from the WCC dorms last week
Righteous tempers are flaring up at WCC over last week’s attack of a group of arsonist bandits upon the campus. “It was TAC I tell you,” said Sophomore Kristin Houser of Alaska. Another shouts “Down with the TAC-ey terrorists” as we interview a crowd of students clustered around the wreckage of what was once a field overgrown by weeds. 
Reports are confused, but a group dressed as firemen reportedly set fire to vegetation on Cemetary Hill behind the WCC Upper Dorms. As visible in these images, smoke plumes can be seen rising hundreds of feet as the flames were only just beginning
Total destruction was staved off by brave work from both Irkutsk Ice Truckers crews and members of the Wyoming IRA but great damage was still done to the Cemetary Hill underbrush. What is more troubling to most than the damage, however, is those who are blamed for it and why, with popular opinion (87% of surveyed students) blaming Thomas Aquinas College of Santa Paula, California for the attack. Little evidence exists to support this conclusion, but most take it as a given and are now syllogizing onward from this supposition.          
Another view of the fire
“I thought we were friends with That Arrogant College?” questions Senior Andrew Marshall of Montana. “We did have a confrontation in January, but I was sure it was friendly.” See the video below to see this “confrontation”
Wyoming Catholic College Security, the Lander Police Department, and the FBI all report that an investigation is underway but will release no details to “grand jury proceedings” and “attorney-client privileges.”

Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College students greet their peers from Wyoming Catholic College with chants of “WCC! WCC!” at the Walk for Life West Coast