Reported just thirty minutes ago by Freshman Rocker Olivia, the much acclaimed “Spons Verberans cult object has gone missing.

See it sticking up from Rinju’s backpack on the left several weeks ago when the renowned “hitting spoon” first came to WCC on the Spring 2019 Desert Backpacking “Desert Scam”

But as Olivia, guardian of the spoon, reported this evening, it’s now missing!

She reported:

A highly precious Giant Golden Spoon has gone missing. It is known as Spons Verberans Has anyone seen it?Does anyone have any idea where it could be recovered?

Spons is dear to everyone here at WCC, and after the recent disappearance of the Chinese Balls from St. John’s this latest strike adds to a troubling month of Marxist trends here at WCC.

Marxist Trend Concerns Spark New Freshman Course

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