Can you believe that anyone could fall for this?

A graduating senior just last night sent out this bombshell offer, with the title “Does anyone need a phone?”. Not only would it be an odd thing to sell to students, at WCC particularly this type of offer can only mean one thing: an attempt to trick unsuspecting students into violation of the school’s technology policy. Cell-phones are all but banned from Wyoming Catholic College and the offer of Senior Cassandra Sheehan could thus only be a mistake or as most think, an attempt to trick unsuspecting underclassmen into “possession of a phone”

Here is here all school message:

Hi everyone,
I have a Motorola Moto X, 2nd generation smartphone (4.5 yrs old, but still works great if you are not into the latest updated phones) which I am selling for $40. Anyone interested? Here’s a picture of what it would look like. It is in perfect condition since the case protected it. I would be using it after graduation except that I will not get Alltel coverage at the place I will be living and working. Can you believe it? It’s like the only spot in ND where you can’t get coverage!! Here is also an Alltel coverage map to assist in your decision.

“It’s horrible,” says Freshman John M. “She’s obviously trying to use technological monstrosities to lead little ones astray from the path of righteousness.” Another Freshman, known by the code name “Metal is Lyfe”, however, claimed this offer might actually be a good thing: “It might be a breakthrough for our school becoming more accepting of the outside world.” But this suggestion, however, brings even deeper questions into this seniors offer. How does she have a phone in the first place? And while John’s answer agrees with most here at the school, why are there a few like “Metal is Lyfe” who disagree with what has become part of the school’s very essence in rejection of the “technological monstrosities”.

School authorities have not yet intervened into this obvious case of phone-dealing but in the abundance of proof that comes from all students knowing about it, we’re sure an investigation will soon be launched.