Lander, WY– Kayak rolls and other water sports training events continue to suffer at Wyoming Catholic College due to the drying up of Lake Frassati. Throughout the last several years, students at WCC have used Lake Frassati for all their water sports training, including kayak rolls, canoeing, and water safety classes. Now that the lake is dried up, OLP Staff are trying to find an alternate location for these crucial activities.

“Lake Frassati has always been the ideal place for kayak rolls, because of it’s central location and how accessible it is.” an OLP staff member said, Friday. It was said to have been so accessible that one could literally “not miss it”. Lake Frassati was fed by the Soda Machine Tributary, which has become more and more unreliable over the semester. The cause of the drought is still unknown, although IIT experts suspect it is linked to the continuing “remodeling” of campus.

Sophomore Cecilia Thompson believes that Frassati is being used by the administration for secret meetings and suspicious activities

“First they moved the student lounge out of Frassati, and now they have stopped kayak rolls from happening in there. The cafeteria door is locked more often, and there are always kitchen staff prowling around. Whatever they’re doing in Frassati, they don’t want students to see” Thompson said.

Regardless of the cause, the drying up of Lake Frassati has had disastrous results on the outdoor program’s water sports. With no place to practice kayak rolls, the Gates of Lodore kayaking Fall trip saw the highest number of casualties of any outdoor trip since the infamous “Horse-biking trip” debacle of Spring ’11. The OLP has been looking for a new place to practice kayak rolls, with top options being the flooded basement of Holy Rosary classroom building, and the drainage ditch in the Leedy Lane Field.

Lake Frassati, once one of the brightest jewels of WCC campus, is the latest victim of the ongoing spirit of “progress” among the faculty and staff of the school.