I am going to keep this brief. I really do not want to be that person, but it is something that I have observed recently, and it is becoming a problem. And not your regular problem, no, this is becoming a HUGE problem.

No one likes it when there is water spilled everywhere, leastwise me. We all hate it when we go in and start slipping everywhere because someone did not do it right.
I’m serious. If you are going to dive, don’t. There are no experts at this college, except maybe John-John, so you have no excuse to do it. When you dive, water spills all over the place and it isn’t pleasant. Also, this includes no jumping, no pencils, and especially no cannonballs.

Another point. Is there actually a thrill in such an activity? Can you actually say that you enjoy diving? What is the use once you get in there? There is nothing to see, nothing to do; all you will be able to brag about is that you accidentally swallowed a bit more than you wanted.

So again, please, I beg of you, please DO. NOT. DIVE. IN. THE. TOILETS.

Yes, the toilets. If you thought I meant diving in general, you were wrong. There is a diving board at the pool downtown, and if you want to use that, then help yourself, by all means. But do not resort to using our precious toilets.

Thank you.