In a new regular section on Irkutsk Ice Truckers we’ll feature flashback articles of famous events from our world from the dark ages of before we existed. today’s goes back all the way to September of 2018, when the ultimate question of when and where khaki pants can be rightly worn was hotly debated. Ultimately the position of John Malinoski prevailed, but it was a long and contentious matter.
Is this right?

Here is the text of his challenge

Dear freshmen (and sophomores who have been subsequently dragged into the conversation),It has come to my attention that one of our classmates, Matthew Kubisch, has been attempting to spread the ill-founded rumor that to wear khaki pants with black dress shoes is an abomination. As we all know, this is objectively untrue, and, as a result, he has understandably been facing much resistance. However, the situation has been escalating gradually over the past 4 days–many of you have indeed been a part of it–and I feel it is necessary to put an end to the debate once and for all.As a fair number of you already know, there will be a large contingent of us who will be wearing khakis with black dress shoes tomorrow in protest of this revolting viewpoint. Yet I feel it is necessary to incentivize such wholesome actions. As a result, both Andrew Russell and I will be carrying candy to hand out to those who wish to join us in our protest. Here is how this will work:Sign a petition–all you have to do to is write your name on a sheet of paper, professing the completely valid statement that the average man can look perfectly good in khakis and black dress shoes.If you are a guy, bring out your khakis and black dress shoes! Wearing this most respectable outfit will net you twice the reward. Be sure to match your belt/accessories with your shoes if at all possible.Ladies, if you wear a khaki skirt with black dress shoes, you will receive quadruple the reward, and my undying respect!Just approach either of us tomorrow to claim your reward. Please note that I’m not attempting to buy votes–I’m just trying to reward those who come forward to stand up for truth. Also, if we can get half the freshmen class (26 people) to sign the petition, we will force Matt to wear khakis and black pants after Outdoor Week, in order to establish the truths of fashion once and for all.

John Malinoski (left) with me (author)

Matthew the Accuser

What do you think about this, now that the initial rages have subsided? Share your opinion below.

By the way, I’m James Green, a current student at Wyoming Catholic College, and plan to be a regular contributor here – thanks Everett!