While we all know that Canada as a country is non-existent in the matter of fact, this fairy tale land has yet placed an undue and oppressive influence on those at Wyoming Catholic College who were the first to expose its “existence” as a fake.

The flag of fakery

Illustrating the absurdity of the situation, Kateri, a recent graduate told us that, “People need a passport to go through a non-existent country just so they can get home.” She was bothered, flustered, but wouldn’t you be too? A “country” that’s really just a bunch of gang thugs operating in the unknown regions north of Wyoming and the rest of the “continental United States” who oppress, humiliate, and betrick those unlucky few who live nearby… But why are we allowing this injustice? Why are we allowing a metally and mentally unstable Frenchmen who calls himself Justin to operate organized crimes at such levels right on our borders. To assault our citizens peacefully moving from one of our states, through nothingness on their way to another state, to prevent free passage, to confiscate our property, and to lie to the world by the claim that they are a country. We cannot let in continue.

Today we rise against the tyranny of the so-called Canadian regime. Mr. President, please stand with us as we fight for free access to Alaska by ground, freedom for the students at WCC who must live under this gang’s oppressions and for truth, justice, and equality of all mapkind.

WCC will march either way, we will take them, eventually. But with the help from the U.S. military which we implore today, it will take far shorter than without. As Canada, of course, is not even a country, their criminals will back down with the first show of force. They will crawl back into the icebergs from whence they came, and leave what is truly American territory.

And maybe WCC can do a trip up there without fear of an isolated group being pummeled by their fearful crimes.

Stand today, stand with us, Stand against the lie that is Canada,

Everett and the IIT team

(with only peace for our “Canadian” classmates)