Lander, WY – In what should no longer come as a surprise to anybody, Anne Zelden’s name was misspelled yet again. Early Monday afternoon, Anne noticed that her last name was spelled “Zeldon” on her student mailbox. Witnesses to the event claimed Anne declared the need to “go to the registrar’s office and bust some heads.”

The mistake has since been rectified, and order restored to the universe. While no one knows for sure exactly how the student in question addressed the problem, IIT investigative journalists have unearthed the two top theories.

  1. Anne talked to student life staff. Evidently absurd.
  2. She tamed a wild Sinclairosaurus, a rare species that primarily roams across the plains of Wyoming, and rampaged through the school.

Given the photographic evidence below (which is also a rare sighting of Anne wearing pants), IIT has concluded that this is the more likely theory. Whether the school will press charges remains to be seen, but given the embarassing nature of the mistake, it is unlikely.

Anne and her Sinclairosaurus near the town of Sinclair, WY