Iran’s response to its “accidentally” shooting down a  Ukranian passenger jet over its capital last week demonstrated something huge in something no one else is looking into. For while no one else has yet reported on this quite subtle detail, Iran reported that 140 Iranians were on the downed jet even as ministers claiming to represent Canada reported that there were 60 Canadians onboard. 

While most have attributed this to a mere sloppiness of calculation or of reporting, if they even noticed this discrepancy in accounts, it reveals that someone in the Iranian government not only knows of Canada’s non-existence, but is willing to say it, and expose the facade, the lie, that nearly a century of the world has swallowed, that Canada is a real country. For the 60 claimed to be Canadian, must truly be of another country, and Iran’s claiming them, when it would in no way be in its interest to publicize a greater death toll, shows that they know the truth: Canada does not exist.

When properly philosophically assessed, this fact is easily proven. Therefore, a few students at WCC and some readers of IIT know this much-censored truth and an even fewer amount know the truth directly, through knowledge of the plotters protecting the fakery. However, few or we suspect, almost none know this outside of places like WCC. For our attempt to demonstrate Canada’s non-existence and the sinister scheme involved in the corresponding lie that it does it exist has met with almost nothing but cries that we are conspiracy theorists, or worse, sophists. But here as we see people from a completely different cultural background coming to the same conclusions we know through philosophy it can only mean one of two things. Iranian leaders read Irkutsk Ice Truckers News and learned about it from us. Or the Iranian mullahs are philosophers. 

They obviously aren’t philosophers. So we have to say they’re readers of this site and readers who really believe what they read here.

And that’s an interesting conclusion.