“It is unsportsmanlike to waste any part of bagged game no matter how rancid” ~Teddy Rosevelvet

As a Game animal, the politician is basically worthless. Some parts, however, are edible if properly prepared. The primary difficulty in preserving the meat is the danger of the politician having already begun to rot internally before having been bagged. When preparing the carcass take care to quickly remove the heart and the lungs. The former is sure to be rotten while the latter has been spoiled by excessive hot air. These varmints are best slow roasted or boiled like an old Hen. If roasted, it is best to baste with pig-fat since the flavors mix well on account of their being next of kin. Unfortunately, even if you succeed in dressing and cooking this beast properly, you may find it necessary to wash the taste down with a strong dose of whiskey or a permanent vacation in Russia. Serve with a grain of salt. Can feed several armies for decades